I had my tonsils taken out three days ago, and it wasn’t as bad as I had thought, I was expecting not to be able to eat solid food at all for about a week. But the day after surgery I could eat white bread as long as Icut of the crusts, and yesterday I ate chicken, so I had anthisapated worse than what I actually got, wich is a good thing.I’m not saying that the recovery from a tonsillectomy is confortable, it’s not, it’s very painful, exept when the painkillers are at the most effective, and the fact that I’m a smoker doesn’t help, since I can’t smoke. Well, that’s not right, I can, but I shouldn’t because it raises the chance of an infection, and it’s going to hurt. I’m lucky though, I miss cigarettes, but I can do fine without them, the worst part is my never ending craving for pizza, spicy food in general, but most of all pizza.  Anyway, I’ll be back, specially now, since I’m at home in bed being bored, and my “foster-mom” or whatever,  she won’t let me out…. =(


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