Day 9 after my tonsillectomy

Tings are looking up! I feel great, I don’t feel sick at all, and today I ate taco, finally, some real food. I couldn’t resist it any longer, and it was so good. Acording to the information I’ve gotten I wasn’t supposed to eat real food for another 5 days, but I think I’ve been lucky with this, because now I am in very little pain, I’ve cut down on my painkillers and I still feel fine. I’m considering taking one more before I go to sleep, but that is just so that I might be albe to sleep all night, I almost managed to do that tonight, and I feel way better now, so I’m optimistic. Then there is that boyfriend of mine, I’m a bit wired about those things, I’ve kinda cut my self of from him now. But he’ll come visit me on wednesday, and then he’ll stay until friday, and after that he’ll be back again on monday and stay for a few days I think, or maby a whole week, but that’s a bit long, at least it is long by the way I look at our relationship now. I might change the way I feel about him when he gets back, but it’s difficult for me to be serious in a long-distance-relationship. I don’t understand how other people remain faithful, I’m not sure if I can, I mean, it’s not like he’s actually around. Hm, everyone thinks that that is a male thing, but I’m a girl, all the way, with tits and pussy. But I’m honest, and I don’t belive that we are ment to find one true love that we will stay with for the rest of our lives. Humans don’t work that way, we were never ment to be commited to one person, it’s not in our nature, and when we break it down, we are basicly animals.



  1. Hi Jane, I enjoyed reading your story about recovering from the tonsilectomy. I will be following it.

    I responded to a few on Steady Health in the past few months. Were you one of them?

    • Hi. No I have not posted any of those topics on Steady Health, I only responded to a few of them. Are You considering a tonsillectomy?

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