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Today is the 10. day after my tonsillectomy, and I just realized that i have forgotten to take my painkillers that  was supposed to have taken 1 hour ago, wich means that I’m in way less pain. Today I just had to get some coke, so for the first time in 10 days i got to drink a bottle of coke =D I also bought some chocolate, and it was so good, I finally got some sugar and caffine. I’ve also started smoking again without any problems there. Anyway, enough about food. Last night I fell asleep at 6 am, and when I wake up at 2 pm today I decided I had slept long enough already, but when I got up I was really dizzy and had a horrible headace, and I felt sick, kinda like an upset stomac. I guess my stomac got a shock or something since yesterday was the first day in a long time that I actually ate real food. The headace I guess is because I wake up a lot either because of pain (but I only woke up twice because of that, and all i really needed was some water)  or because my cat woke me up. The dizzynes I really can’t explain, it’s making my head heavy. It feels wired, but I’m sure it will pass by tomorrow. When it comes to pain and fever and all that, I feel fine, I don’t feel sick at all, and I am in very little pain so I think I’ll be totally fine by the end of the week. My focus is all off, so I think I have to go lay down now, maby it’ll get better. Sorry people, this seems like a lot of wining, but that is just because of the dizzyness, I’m really happy about being able to go about business as normal after only 10 days, I was worried it was going to take a lot longer.


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