2 weeks has passed, a short summary from my recovery

Today 2 weeks has passed since my tonsillectomy, I feel totally fine now, for a few days now I have been able to about my life as usual and eat whatever I want. On my fifth day after surgery I really regreted it, I could not belive that most of the pain would pass just a few days later, it felt like is was something I would have to live with for at least a month before I would feel normal again. Of course I was wrong bout that. On my tenth day I felt pretty much back to normal, I felt some pain, had to take painkillers about 3 times a day, but that was a lot less than what I had been doing before. I could sleep for several hours without waking up, and food tasted almost normal again. Now everything is fine, I’ve heard a lot of people say that you taste buds as messed up for a long time afterwards, but that was not the case for me at least. There is only one thing the is still bothering me, but that is getting better every day, and that is my low energy after the surgery. I’ll get exhausted, and start sweating just from doing simple housework, like vacuuming and doing the dishes. But as I said, it is getting better. All in all, day 1 was OK, painful but OK. Day 2 was OK as long as I took the painkillers as subscribed. Day 3 was when the real pain began. Day 4 was even worse, but I managed to get through the day just by taking one more paracetamol than I was supposed to.  Day 5 was horrible, that was truly the worst day during the whole process, I took 14 painkillers that day, I was supposed to take 8, and I could take 10 if I needed some to get some sleep during the night, but even with 14 painkillers the pain was horrible, I spent a lot of time in bed that day. Day 6 was about the same as day 4. Day 7 was when things started getting a lot better. Day 8 was quite good, i was taking less painkillers. Day 9 was the first day I managed to eat real food again, and I was so happy, I had to take 2 painkillers first, but it felt so good afterwards. Day 10 was good, I could eat real food, I was still a bit careful about spicy food and juice, but I felt quite good, I could even eat pizza (and of course I ate to much).  Day 11, I had more energy, stil not enough to clean the house, but I could sleep all night, and I didn’t need more than 2 painkillers that day. Day 12 and 13 were pretty much the same, not a lot of pain, and only one paracetamol in the morning. Day 14 I feel fine, yawning still hurts a bit, and so does sticking my toung out, but other then there’s not much to complain about exept from the exhaustion.


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  1. I got my tonsils taken out 6 days ago and im in a lot of pain. i think im a little dehydrated and i have lost ten pounds. i am only 14. right now i cant even swallow water it hurts so bad. and day 3 i just manned up and said its mind over mater and ate some mcdonalds. when did it feel fine for you to drink things with out a lot of pain?

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